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Laverne Josey
Years Served: April 1969 - November 1972
A Plank Owner / Nucleus crew member. Served onboard as the DCA, R Division, and Ballasting Officer. An outstanding ship and crew. Approximately forty years has passed since her commissioning. Sad to know that she is being decommissioned in a few short months. I will be as proud to stand at attention as she lower old Glory for the last time as I was to be a part of the first raising. Only this time it will bring tears of sadness from an old sailor to an old girl. Both of whom have served their country well.

D. Litwiller
Years Served: 07 Apr 1969 Through 18 Mar 1971
The Juneau was a beautiful ship. However, many of the career sailors who made up the balance and nucleus crews, took advantage of bootcamp and A school graduates, treating them like recruits. This was especially true in 1st and 2nd divisions, and on the signal bridge.

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