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Years Served: 1964-1968
Richard Packwood, E Division, Plank Owner. Miss those day's
Hello to Gravett, Dickerson, McCutchen, Standback, and the rest of the guy's in E Division.
Dick. :)

keith karn
Years Served: feb 1966-april 1967
i was in 2nd division and worked for joe skahan, the toughest boatsin's mate i ever knew! capt shaw was commanding officer and was a mustang and appreciated liberty! i still remember the crusie to NYC for st. patrick's day 1966. it was very good liberty. i can honestly say the 15 months i was on the Austin, i worked my ass off! the time we spent in the philly yards summer of '66 was fun too, except if you had liberty you'd better go ashore or the deck force POs would hunt you down and make you work! also unloading all that ammo to go to the yards and relodind it was hell. also when we went to santo domingo and picked up those troops and all their gear and took them back to NC or where ever was a real workout! but she was a clean, new ship and after spending a few months on the USS aegir, a decommisioned sub tender in charge of the moth ball fleet in National City, the Austin was great. i see some people are trying to get a reunion going for the Austin this summer. here's the email of the main organizer. so over 40 years ago i walked down that gangplank and over to NavSta. the ship was headung for the carabeean and din't want to discharge me overseas. i was out of the Navy one week later!
take care, keith

Felix Rivera
Years Served: 1964-1967
Hi Shipmates-I'm a plank owner, I was in M Division assigned to #2 Engine Room. I'm in touch with Rocco Meliante -NY, Nolan Duhe-LA, Edward Caitlan-CT, Charles McGeorge-FL, Joseph Russo-CA, Anthony Giansante-PA, Rick Mullinax-NC.

Don Hulen
Years Served: 1965-1967
I would like to hear from any shipmates who knew me.
nickname Huey, Baby Huey

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  • robert samona en-3 on

    Any A-gang enlisted, or officers from engineering dept. let chat was onboard nov. 1968 thru aug. 1972

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