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Martin A. Hruz
Years Served: June 1963 - September 1963
I was a reservist, on SS-301. I reported in at San Pedro and attended my reserve meetings there. I was being trained to be a torpedoeman, my gen. quarters station was on tube #1, on the Roncador. I was just 17 years old, still in high school at the time. While on my two weeks active service, we performed War Games with surface ships. I fired my fish at a destroyer (the USS Black), of which a picture was taken thru the periscope. I bought one of these pictures. In 1963, I left the reserves and went Regular Navy. After Boot Camp, I recieved orders to...The USS Black (DD-666)! I looked at the picture and saw that where the cross hairs of the periscope crossed, was where I was assigned my first rack aboard the Black! I still have that picture to this day, I have shared it with all my shipmates, thanks to this technological age! I served on the Black as a cook, from 1963-1967. I re-entered the Navy in 1973, to complete a 23 year career, retiring out in 1993.
The Roncador (SS-301) my first naval vessel, is remembered, always.
To all sea going shipmates of the passed, I wish you well.
Martin A Hruz (USN RET CS1)

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