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  • Simon mims on

    Served aboard Buck 58 to 63..made some unforgettable friends. Some still here ,some passed on..anyone remember remember me,,email

  • Earl W. Gray on

    After Boot Camp in San Diego, I was assigned duty on the USS Alfred A. Cunningham, DD 752 and went aboard in October 1950 and left her in March 1954. I first served in the First Division under BM Frank Burn and then transferred to the Engineering Dept. as Log Room Yeoman for the rest of my time on board. I have often thought of the time and crew members and wondered how many are still with us. I do not have personal contact with anyone other than Joe Lovelady in Arkansas who was a BM in the Forward Fire Room. If there are any one out there who would like to contact me and shoot the scuttle butt then please either call me at 713-305-8075 or e-maqil me at “” I would really love to hear from you.

  • Sandy on

    my father, Jackie Lee Jones Sr., was on the Intrepid in 1955, was any one else out their, my father passed 14 yrs. ago

  • james (jimmy) jenkins on

    Was Cat-2 holdback with Robert (Bob) Keech. Larry Mercer & Kenny Redman, Al ( forgot last name), were also cat-2. Bob Keech was the best holdback I work with. Jim Jenkins V-2 DIV. 1965-1969. Phone 913-888-8077

  • James West on

    Any body know what happened to Jimmy Richmond, Spud Banks, Bobby Earl Franklin? from B- division 2 Charlie Boiler Room? I left after the cruise of 1984 from Norfolk, VA

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