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  • Mike Unger on

    Former USS Edson Sonarman, 1972 – 1975. Just logging in to see if anyone has visited the ship since she’s been in Michigan. How much of her is open for inspection? I’d like to visit Sonar Control and my old rack in forward berthing on the 3rd deck.

  • Donald Banhart on

    My Dad served on the DDE450 O’Bannon from 1956 to 1960. He met with a bunch of the guys several years ago.. He is doing well . I’m just here to get him a keepsake for his birthday.. He loved his days on that ship..

  • Monte Daugharty on

    My first ship in 1990 to 1992, wish I would have stayed in Gaeta, Italy with that crew. Great ship and command when I was on board. Miss those times and the all the great ports we hit in the Med, amazing group of Veterans/Friends on the Belknap. Hope all of you are doing well and God bless! PO3 BT/MM/Damage Controlman 1990-1994

  • Greg Irwin on

    I served aboard DALE from 101574 to 020878 the most awesome ship in the fleet, many times i had wished I’d never left her.

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