USS Jack SSN-605: A Legacy of Outstanding Achievements

USS Jack SSN-605: A Legacy of Outstanding Achievements

The construction of the USS Jack SSN-605 marked a milestone in the history of the United States Navy. This high-speed attack submarine was manufactured by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corporation, in Groton, Connecticut. The construction commenced on January 15, 1960, and the vessel was launched on November 22, 1961. With its state-of-the-art technology and formidable capabilities the USS Jack stood as a testament to the Navy's unwavering dedication to maintaining a modern fleet.

The ship was named after Vice Admiral Thomas B. Klakring, who served as Commander of Submarine Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet during World War II. Admiral Klakring was widely recognized for his leadership skills and strategic expertise – a choice for this powerful submarine namesake. The USS Jack embodied the qualities of excellence and commitment that Admiral Klakring demonstrated throughout his career.

One of the features that set apart the USS Jack was its propulsion system allowing it to operate silently and evade detection from enemy forces. This cutting-edge technology provided an advantage to the USS Jack in carrying out intelligence-gathering missions conducting surveillance operations and engaging in maneuvers. The Navy greatly valued the design and stealth capabilities of the vessel as it made an impact in their arsenal.

The USS Jack left a mark on the U.S. Navy. Throughout its tenure, this submarine played a role in various military missions including crucial Cold War operations and intelligence gathering endeavors. The vessel's exceptional performance and contributions to security earned it accolades and commendations. The USS Jack became a symbol of the Navy's commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to safeguarding the interests of the nation.

Belonging to the Permit class submarines, the USS Jack was part of a series specifically designed to replace aging diesel submarines. These nuclear-powered vessels were constructed with submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, and offensive operations in mind. Known for their adaptability, endurance, and ability to operate effectively across environments, Permit class submarines proved assets within the Navy's fleet.

On June 15th, 1963, an official commissioning ceremony marked the entry of USS Jack into service. This momentous occasion signified both its readiness for duty and its crew's commitment to upholding core values with honor and integrity under their commanding officer. The USS Jack being commissioned is a testament to the work and dedication of the shipbuilders sailors and everyone involved in bringing this vessel to life.

USS Jack SSN-605 Framed Navy Ship Display
USS Jack SSN-605 Framed Navy Ship Display

Silent Power and Precision: Exploring the Advanced Technology and Armament of USS Jack SSN-605

The USS Jack SSN-605 is a nuclear-powered attack submarine that boasts a structure and cutting-edge technology enabling it to fulfill critical missions. Measuring around 300 feet in length with a displacement of over 3,000 tons, the submarine's sleek design allows for silent maneuverability, through ocean depths. Its hull is constructed using high-strength steel combined with materials ensuring durability while maintaining stealth capabilities. The USS Jacks's sleek design helps it move underwater enhancing its speed and maneuverability. Its advanced sonar systems are exceptional at detecting and tracking targets.

With cutting-edge technology, the USS Jack SSN-605 stands as an asset in the US Navy's fleet. Its propulsion system relies on a reactor that generates power allowing the submarine to operate for extended periods without refueling. This capability gives the USS Jack an advantage by enabling it to stay submerged for durations. The submarine is also equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems, communication equipment, and sensors ensuring operations in environments and conditions.

The armament of the USS Jack SSN-605 is carefully designed to ensure superiority in defensive operations. It carries torpedoes, including ones capable of engaging both surface ships and submarines. These torpedoes have advanced homing systems that guarantee targeting and high lethality. Additionally, the USS Jack features launch system (VLS) tubes for launching Tomahawk cruise missiles. This gives the submarine the ability to strike targets on land or at sea accurately with impact.

When it comes to its weapons the USS Jack SSN-605 is well equipped with defense systems to safeguard itself against threats. It possesses a variety of electronic warfare tools, like radar jammers and decoys which are designed to confuse and divert missiles. Moreover, the submarine boasts countermeasures such as noisemakers and towed decoys that aim to deceive enemy sonar systems. These defensive measures combined with the submarine's capabilities make the USS Jack an imposing opponent capable of operating undetected while neutralizing dangers effectively.

USS Jack SSN-605 Personalized Plaque
USS Jack SSN-605 Personalized Plaque

Evolution and Adaptation: Upgrades and Versatility of USS Jack SSN-605

Over time the USS Jack SSN-605 has undergone upgrades ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness in an ever-changing naval landscape. One of the upgrades onboard the USS Jack was the installation of an advanced combat system. This state-of-the-art system greatly improved the ship's capabilities in submarine warfare, surface warfare, and intelligence gathering. Its cutting-edge technology allows the USS Jack to detect and track enemy submarines with precision giving it an advantage in any potential conflict.

Alongside its enhanced combat system the USS Jack has also benefited from advancements in propulsion technology. The original nuclear reactor on board was replaced with a powerful one resulting in increased speed and endurance. This upgrade not only allows the USS Jack to operate across areas but also ensures quick responses to emerging threats guaranteeing the safety and security of our fleet.

The mission capabilities of the USS Jack go beyond warfare roles. With its intelligence-gathering capabilities, this ship plays a role in collecting and analyzing critical information contributing to overall situational awareness within our fleet. Such intelligence is indispensable for decision-making processes as it enables commanders to make informed choices and effectively respond to threats. The contribution of the USS Jack in this regard cannot be overstated; it significantly enhances our fleet's ability to maintain an advantage across operational environments.

Moreover, the USS Jack has actively participated in exercises and multinational operations showcasing its versatility and ability to work alongside allied forces. These engagements not only strengthen partnerships but also provide valuable training opportunities for the crew to enhance their skills while collaborating with sailors from different navies. By participating in these exercises the USS Jack demonstrates its dedication to promoting security and stability as well as fostering cooperation and understanding among nations.

Framed Navy Discharge Certificate
Framed Navy Honorable Discharge Certificate

Memories Aboard the USS Jack (SSN-605): Tales from the Crew

The USS Jack (SSN-605) holds a special place in the hearts of those who had the privilege of serving on this remarkable submarine. These memories and experiences shared by the ship's crew offer a glimpse into the unique camaraderie, adventures, and challenges faced by submariners during their time aboard the USS Jack.

Don Deberry (ET2): Serving from 1976 to 1978, Don reflects on his time aboard the USS Jack as a life-long memory. He highlights the profound impact it had on his personal growth, exposing him to diverse cultures, music, and self-discovery. Don fondly remembers the tight-knit crew, considering them a close-knit family.

Stephen Duncan (IC2): Stephen, who served from 1968 to 1971, recalls how time has softened the negative aspects of his service, leaving behind cherished memories of adventures and the bonds formed with his fellow crew members. He emphasizes the value of those experiences, including enduring bad movies, scrubbing the battery compartment, and their time spent in various ports.

Christopher Rosa (MS3): Christopher's memories of the USS Jack from 1975 to 1979 are filled with deep camaraderie. He considers his fellow crew members as brothers, dear friends, and family. Christopher reflects on their shared challenges during sea trials and their memorable time in Puerto Rico.

Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell (STS3/SS): Bob shares humorous anecdotes of life aboard submarines. He recalls their efforts to pummel a crew member in a dinghy who was painting draft marks on another submarine's rudder with fruit during an inspection. Bob's recollections capture the lighter moments that brought humor to their service.

Jim 'Mac' McFarland (FT3(SS)): As part of the commissioning crew from 1966 to 1969, Jim reminisces about the USS Jack's early days, from its first dive to various ports of call. He recalls the names of fellow crew members and the unique experiences they shared, including buying a Chevy from a crewmate and their travels together.

Mark Farley (ET2): Mark's memories of his time aboard the USS Jack from 1973 to 1974 highlight the contrast between the challenges they faced and the camaraderie that developed among shipmates. He humorously mentions his heavy smoking habit during his service and quitting shortly after leaving the submarine.

James Zapetis (ETC(SS)): James shares his experiences during the yards in 1982-85 and two Mediterranean runs. He commends the hardworking crew members and mentions working with former shipmates at a nuclear plant in Western NY after leaving the USS Jack.

Richard Meads (ETN2(SS)): Richard reflects on his pre-commissioning days, including an amusing encounter with Admiral Rickover and unique experiences, such as working on the turbine forward thrust bearing. He also mentions enjoying the sights of the Caribbean before leaving to get married.

Anthony Ellington (MS1(SS)): Anthony's memories include personal growth and maturation during challenging times aboard the USS Jack from 1988 to 1989. He credits the MS division and the entire crew, especially Mr. Muzak, for helping him mature and succeed in his Navy career.

Bob McEwen (ETR2): Bob expresses his desire to reconnect with former shipmates and fondly remembers names like Mark Olsen, Onum Dougherty, Larry Eckdahl, and others. He seeks to rekindle connections with those who shared the unique experience of serving aboard the USS Jack.

Personalized Navy Veteran Push Pin Travel Map
Personalized Navy Veteran Push Pin Travel Map

USS Jack SSN-605: A Legacy of Versatility and Commitment to Duty

The USS Jack SSN-605 is a Permit class attack submarine that served with distinction during duty within the United States Navy. The ship was deployed to parts of the world playing a role in defending the interests of the nation. From the waters of the Arctic to the expanses of the Pacific Ocean, the USS Jack carried out multiple missions demonstrating its versatility and ability to adapt to various operational environments. These missions included supporting security objectives conducting exercises with allied navies and gathering intelligence.

Throughout its service, the USS Jack played a crucial role in major conflicts showcasing its combat capabilities and contributing to the success of various military operations. During the Cold War era, this submarine patrolled the waters of the North Atlantic monitoring activities and ensuring safe sea routes. The USS Jack also participated in operations during the Gulf War by providing intelligence support and surveillance assistance to coalition forces. Its stealthy features and advanced weaponry made it a formidable asset capable of striking targets while remaining undetected.

The exceptional performance and contributions of both the submarine itself and its crew were acknowledged through awards and commendations. The professionalism, dedication, and operational excellence exhibited by the USS Jacks crew were highly regarded within Navy circles. The USS Jack and its crew were honored with accolades, including the Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, and various campaign and service medals. These awards not only recognized the performance of the ship but also highlighted the dedication and teamwork of the sailors who served on board.

The USS Jack SSN-605 made a lasting impact on the history of the United States Navy. Its deployments and involvement in conflicts demonstrated its effectiveness as an asset and showcased the unwavering commitment of its crew to their duties. The submarine's contributions to security and its role in maintaining peace during the Cold War era cannot be overstated. The legacy of the USS Jack stands as a testament to the capabilities and professionalism of all those who served aboard her and their unwavering devotion to upholding the Navy's core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

USS Jack SSN-605 Coffee Mug
USS Jack SSN-605 Coffee Mug

USS Jack SSN-605 Ship Specifications

Specification Details
Class Permit Class
Submarine (Nuclear)
Commissioned March 31, 1967
Displacement 3,540 tons
Length 297 feet
Beam 31.8 feet
Draft 25.2 feet
Speed 28+ knots
Complement 143
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