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Lonnie Barrett
Years Served: 1956-1960
Proudly served as a BM2 onboard the Ticonderoga. Would love to hear from any who served with me!


Walt Setzer
Years Served: 1971-72
I made two Westpacs on the Tico as an ADJ-2 in HS-8. Had some great times.

Frank Bodden
Years Served: December 1967-August 1968
Hi. I served aboard the Tico from December of 1967 through August of 1968 as part of the air wing with VFP-63, Det. 14. Our pilots flew the F-8 Crusader photo birds. That WESTPAC cruise was among eight of the best months of my life. I made a lot of friends on my detachment, several of whom I still keep in touch with after 40 years. We worked hard together and hit the beach together: Grande Island in Subic Bay, chaplain's tours to Manila, Tokyo, Pagsanjian Falls, up in the mountains at the base of Mt. Fuji. We had so much fun, just a bunch of 19-25 year olds. I loved my time aboard the Ticonderoga!

James Wright
Years Served: 1966-67
Served as ETN2, OE Division. Worked on Pilot Landing Aid TV, Crypto, UHF-VHF, CCTV, etc. I enjoyed video taping the Bob Hope Christmas Show.

I have located over half of the OE Division gang that I served with over the past year. If you were in OE Div from 1966-68, you can reach me at

Dale Gibbs
Years Served: 1963 thru 1967
Served PROUDLY on the Gray Lady while attached to Attack Squadron (VA) 52 as AO many good memories of shipmates and ports of call would gladly do it all over again w/no second thoughts.

Roger Margason
Years Served: 1955-56
Would love to hear from anyone from S-2 Division who served aboard during our med cruise. I worked in the Commissary Office with Chief Sewell, Bob Coutre, Nick Lecisian (sp); Mordeno, Steineker, Hagenback, Andrews, Meyers. Anybody out there? Roger Margason, AK3

Years Served: 72-73

Gary R. (Andy) Capps
Years Served: 1969 WestPac Cruise ( VFP-63 )
Served with VFP-63 for the 1969 West Pac cruise. I was final checker on the cats.

Sheldon I. Altfeld
Years Served: 1958 - 1959
Following a stint on the USS Yorktown (CV-10), I was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) to serve as editor of the ship's newspaper during a training exercise in the Far East. I reported to the ship at the Navy Yard in Bremerton, Washington, where the Ticonderoga was under water -- literally. Someone had accidentally pulled a plug and flooded two decks. An auspicious beginning to what turned out to be one of the best experiences I had during my four years in the Navy. The Ti was a great ship, with great personnel and some of the best chow anywhere. I wonder if there's anyone else out there that served during that period?

Years Served: 1969-1970
I was an AMH3 assigned to AIMD/IM2 Hydraulic shop. I was the Tico's last cruise as a CVA. Then went to yard in Long Beach. Came out as a CVS serving the the ASW Squadrons. We even had a reserve air wing that came aboard for qualifications. Interesting time aboard Tico!

Mike Moore
Years Served: 1967-1968
I was a Rigger in VF-194, CAG19. We left the Tico when they decommissioned her. We went to the Oriskany. VF 194 has a web site also. Anybody from that time is welcome to email me. Mike Moore PRAN

Dennis Malarkey
Years Served: 1959 - 1961
I served aboard the Ti from 1959 - 1961 in OE Division and CR Division.

Ronnie Fields
Years Served: 1971-73
I served aboard the Tico during the Apollo 16 & 17 recoveries, and a trip to Westpac. When I look back on it all, I got to see places that others only dream of. Hawaii, Guam, The Philippines, and Japan. I had a radio show on board playing country music, and went by the name of Country Chuck Fields. :)

Ron Babcock
Years Served: 1965-1966
I served aboard the Big T from 1965-1966 as the ammunition crew chief for VF-51 screaming eagles and would not hesitate to be miserable and 20 years old once again :)

Larry J. Qualter
Years Served:
Was an AMH3 assigned to AIMD/IM2 Hydraulic shop. We had a great group in the shop. Now living in Peekskill,NY

Bill "Benny"
Years Served: 1969
1969 WESPAC with VF 162.

John Peters
Years Served: 1964-1967
i'm john peters and served from 1964-67. i served in w division and still remember that awful heat all night long. i was the guy who knocked out all the marines in the tico smokers!! also the ships only rock band. currently i'm own an international company that designs accessories. i live in upstate New York.

Theron Irving
Years Served: 1966 - 1970
Served on board during 3 deployments to the far east. Worked on Pilot Landing Aid Television system (PLAT) and Fresnel Lens Landing system. Was in OE Division and V-2 Division. Made a career of the Navy retiring in 1989 from the Submarine Force. The Tico was one of my favorite sea tours. A lot of good men and memories.

Jess Freeman
Years Served: 1972-1974
I served aboard Tico during the early 70's. We were the prime recovery ship for Skylab 1 while I was on her. Left her for the USS Enterprise. I was a ship serviceman and worked in the laundry and dry cleaning plant. I was assigned to S-3 division. Would love to hear from any of my shipmates.

Donald Abramovitz
Years Served: 1960 thru 1963
Came aboard the Big T in Sept of 60' and was discharged in Sept 63',made two westpac cruises.I was an EM2 and worked mainly in the power shop but also in power distribution and flight deck lighting.The years aboard were a great and memorable time in my life.Since the Navy I spent 1 1/2 years at McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) as a flight line electrician and the past 42 years as a firefighter,presently the Asst. Chief of the Creve Coeur Fire Dept in St. Louis,.MO.

Mike Tracy
Years Served: 1971-1972
I was ship's company on the Tyco CVS-14 as a Airborne Radar Tech. Second Class E5. I worked in the Airborne Radar repair shop AIMD division. Home port was San Deigo. The Tyco was designated as an Antisubmarine Warfare Carrier. We recovered the Apollo 16 moon mission crew. Also, spent 30 some days in the South China Sea during the Vietnam war.

Bill Purcell
Years Served: 1958- 1960
I was a Machinest Mate Chief in the ADiv. I was in charge of Hydraulics and Air Conditioning, Refrigeration.

Carl M. Collier
Years Served: Embarked with VA-52, 1964,1965,1966,1967..

Irvin R. Riley
Years Served: 68-70
Hello Tico Tigers, I served Aug.of 68 until Feb. 70. This for the most part was the time of my life. I began my duties as a snip, Boiler Maker then moved to Evaps Division. Didn't care much about DE-salting tanks but the men where good people.In Long Beach I worked at the Tradewinds Bar.I met a lot of local girls their and married one and took her to Kansas City with me she gave me to wonderful sons. I loved liberty in Alonapo, Yokuska, but my favorite liberty was Grandi Island, Food, drink, crystal clear water and rest. I will recall my fond memories of Duty along with the not so fond ones. Good friends Kanack, Davis, and Talokco and more I can't recall their names. Who still remembers passing through the out side edge of that Hurricane? old Tico creaked and rolled for quite some time. Or hitting the Whale what a thud that was, my favorite when the Marines droped the live bomb down the elevator shaft Dur ring a bomb pushing party? GQ until they flew the army in to disarm it. What a rush. I'm glad I served aboard the TICONDEROGA CVS AND CVA 14 I.R.Riley

Jose "Max" Ma
Years Served: 1961-1963
I served in navigation. I made one WESPAC cruise in 1962 - 1963. My home town was Cheyenne, Wyoming but I now live in Albuquerque, NM.

Chester Morris
Years Served: 1965 & 1967 to 1969
I came aboard for two months at Hunters Point NSY in 1965. I came back to the ship in 1967, and was aboard until 1969. A Division (Diesels - A-5).

Chester Morris
Years Served: 1965 & 1967 to 1969
I have a photo of USS Ticonderoga CVS 14 at the pier in San Diego during a Presidential Visit to NAS North Island. Can anyone give me information about this event?....Chet Morris

Jim Doran
Years Served: 1964-1966
Served as AO3 in the Knightriders of Bombing Fifty-Two (VA-52). As an aside, Dale couldn't do it again - and I'm not sure that I could either - the scuttles have shrunk!!!!

Jim Doran
Years Served: 1964-66
Note for John Peters. Call NCIS, they're looking for info on one of your toys that went overboard strapped to an A-4 Skyhawk. FYI for you Vietnam era ship's company guys: AO3 Russ Mang is in TN selling sports training equipment to the NFL; MM3 Ed Stacknick is in the greater Tucson area and is - at least every time I call him - fishing! For you Air Wing Cannon Cockers - IYAOYAS!

dave hatt
Years Served: 1965-1969
i was in the engineering dept., as an em2 when discharged. made 4 west pac cruises aboard the old girl. was sad to hear they tore her down. had many a good times in all the far east ports, especially in hong kong. some of the guys like, paul woods, mike wilson, john stewart, john zugale, p.d. haynes, tom havel, and a bunch of others that i'd have to dig out pictures to remember. i give up on electricity after getting fried pretty good once. i then went to driving truck of all things, and just retired after 34 years of that. would love to here from some of the guys thanks, dave. my e-mail address is

Years Served: 1957-1959
Served in Number 4 Fire Room. Would like to hear from anyone else who served during that time. Left as BT3.

Years Served: 1954-1956

CDR Roger Johnson
Years Served: 1965 WestPac Cruise
I was an Ensign and helicopter pilot on the Tico during the 1965 Westpac cruise. Went on the cruise on the USS Enterprise in 1967 and again on the USS Midway in 1972. Following my active duty, stayed in the Naval Air Reserves at North Island and retired in 1985 as a Commander. I now live in Gig Harboe, Washington with my high school sweet heart. If anybody is interested in a photo of Jane Fonda's boat, the PHOINIX, I have some close-up photos that we took from the helicopter during that Enterprise cruise. The PHOENIX was taking medical supplies to Hanoi and had about 50 miles to go when the Navy photographer shot the pictures.

Mike Linkiewicz
Years Served: 1968 to 1972
Shipmates I was in B Div #4 fireroom for the first six months, got lucky and was transferred to the Oil Shack where I spent the rest of my time. (You guys remember taking a shower... you were all soaped up and the shower water would stop...... That was us!) I worked with a lot of great guys, Rags, King, Brit, Henchman, on and on. Some of them are still my best friends. Irvin Riley, I read your note..... Kenny Davis, Fred Talockro two of my good friends..... Where are you guys? Some of the best years of my life, I'd do it all over again!

william jackson
Years Served: 1969 - 1971
served in g division as personnel yeoman would like to hear from others from that time.

william jackson
Years Served: 1969 - 1971
CDR Roger Johnson i would love to get a picture of Jane Fonda boat how can i contact you.

Years Served: 1959 THRU 1962

Bill Lambert
Years Served: Oct 1960-Mar 1964
I think of the all of the guys in V2 division,'Gear and Cats and wonder how life turned out for them. Sure were a bunch of great people to spend those years with,Bones, Heavy Eagle, Simmons,Herc, Wimpy and on and on.If anyone that was on the Big T in V2 reads this,send me a 'mail, love to here from some old salts!

Years Served: 1962 through 1966
Would like to hear from anyone and Navigation from 63 to 66 Thanks

Barry White
Years Served: Total of 6 years
My name is Barry White. I was a AA on the Tico from 1971-72 as a plane handler. I served with V-1 Div. Looking for Chief Nicols, Watson, Ralph, and any other of friends/mates who served with us. Also would like to know if there are any reunions scheduled. Thanks. Barry White Columbia, MO 573-256-7005

jerry wiggins sm2
Years Served: 1970-1972
I was glad to serve aboard tico,I was sailor of the month April 1971 and was onboard for Apollo 16 recovery.

Jerry Frederiksen
Years Served: 1967-68
Looking for anyone who remembers an unwrapping incident from July of 1968 where the supply ship lost steering control. Please call me at 515-371-1831 or 515-379-1135, thank you for your assistance!

David Rice
Years Served: Nov. '68- Aug. '72 V-4 Div ABF-3
Would like to hear from anyone from V-4 who I served with. I have been in contact with Chuck Ragsdale & George Passintino recently. '

John G. Class III
Years Served: 3 1/2 years
I served from July 1970 - November 15, 1973. The last two Apollo Mission and the second Sky Lab. Served as a RM3 and teletype repairman.

Joseph A. Schimelfening
Years Served: Mar 1965 thru June 1967
I served on the Gray Lady in V-6 DIV as ATN-3. Best time of my life. Returned to my Reserve unit for 9 more in Mich and than trans to the Mich Air Guard in 75. Retired from the Guard in 1994 and garnered over 22 yrs active duty.

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  • Pat Klootwyk on

    The first time I saw the “Ti” it was orange and in dry dock at Hunter’s Point in SF in early 1965. Was aboard for three WestPac cruises assigned to M Division and worked in the #3 fire room on the #3 steam generator through August 1968. Made lifelong friends there. Lots more fun remembering the times than living them though.

  • Paul Lane on

    Served aboard from 1957 to 1959. Started in 1st Deck Div. then transferred into the Ship Service Div. worked in the Laundry. Met a lot of great friends. It was an CVA while I was on it. Have a lot of great memory’s.

  • Lloyd Frank on

    Served 64-66 V-1 Division

  • Joe Bain on

    USS TICONDEROGA CVA-14, Ships Company 1966 thru 1970, R- Division, Damage Control, E-5 discharged 1970. We had a reunion 5 years ago, great time and memories. We were kids all over again.

  • Steve. Marion on

    Went aboard July 8 1969.3rd division..left the ship I. May of 71

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