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louis a buikema
Years Served: 1943-1946
My dad served as a Gunners Mate/Signalman in the
Pacific Ocean on the Destroyer U.S.S. Wederburn DD684, Group Task Force 38,
under command of Amdiral (Bull) Halsey and Admiral John McCain. He
would love to hear from anyone that served during this time.

Years Served: 1965 - 1968
I was in B division worked in both fire rooms lots of good times while aboard the Weedburner both while in the states and while in Westpac

Joel Severance
Years Served: 1966 - 1967
West Pac 1967. Served as Yeoman and #1-5 gun mount powder handler. Also during GQ as the Gun Boss phone talker...positioned on top of the bridge.

john eichler
Years Served: 1961
I was a Radioman 2/c on the Wedderburn in 1961. Love to hear from old shipmates.

Robert (Bob) Lininger
Years Served: 1958-1960
I was the ships barber aboard the Wedderburn from 1958 thru 1960, the ship made 2 trips to wespac during that time, My nickname was (daddylin), anyone serving during that time and would like to contact me my e-mail address is bnhpad@sbcglobal.net.

Kelly Jarboe
Years Served: 1959-1961
I reported aboard Dec. 59, was assigned to Aft. Fire room, Then Mess Cook then Fwd. Eng Room, Left the Wedderburn in 61 for Machinery Repairman Class A School in 61.

Contact Information: cobra44@sbcglobal.net

Robert (Bob) Wilks
Years Served: 1965-1969
Many good memories of Westpac and the old Wedderburn crew. I wonder how many remember the time that the ship rammed us from behind at the dock in Hawaii.I was a DC2 ad was released from the ship in the Philippines just before the final return to the states.My email is wearout1@aol.com or thru my web page which is erweartech.com. Haven't heard from anyone in years. Good luck to all.I would like to hit one of the reunions some time.

Legrand Lanier
Years Served: 68-69
I met up with the Wedderburn while she was in dry dock at Long Beach. Copp BM2 checked me in, showed me the middle bunk in 1st. Div. He showed me ALL his tattoos the next morning. I was not impressed with him or the ship and I was thousands of miles from home. The journey had begun. Today, I am an active working member of the USS Wedderburn DD-684 Association promoting reunion activity. You may contact me at llanierdd684@gmail.com. Come to the next reunion and meet the guys from WWII through Vietnam. Your friends will be there too.

Paul J. Dymek
Years Served: 1960 to 1961
I was gunners mate seaman on the Wedderburn in '60 & '61. Would love to talk to old mates. Chief Burns was chief in charge of gun gang.

Paul J. Dymek
Years Served: 1959 to 1960
I would love to talk to old mates. I served on the Wedderburn from 1959 to 1960. I was a gunners mate. My Email address is lostthenfound_2000@yahoo.com

Bill Dudley BM3
Years Served: 1964
Lasting memory while aboard the Wedderburn was during refueling at sea we went alongside the USS Ponchatoula. They were alongside on the port side when we took cover for shot lines at the aft refueling station I stepped beside the 5 gun mount and it didn't have the center pin locked and and the power was still on someone in fire control spun the mount and I was crushed between the gun mount and the bulkhead. Was later transferred to Balboa Naval Hospital because of hernia I received so missed the WesPac cruise. After discharged from hospital I volunteered for VietNam and spent remainder of service on a PCF operating out of DaNang and Chu Lai

Bill Dudley
Years Served: 1964
Regarding previous post about refueling accident anyone who was on the aft refueling station. If you would please contact me at willybill8485@att.net. I don't remember any particulars except stepping behind the gun mount and next thing I remember I was laying on the starboard side when it spit me out the other side and the kapok life jacket I was wearing was ripped to sheds and then remember waking up in sick bay.

Rod Barnett SH3
Years Served: 1960-1964
Very few of the Supply crew from those years ever show up on the boards, would like to hear from some of the rest of the crew.If you were aboard in 1960-64 I cut your hair , washed your clothes or sold you a candy bar out of the ships store. :D Enjoyed my time on the Wedderburn,what a great ship and good memories. rod_barnett@hotmail.com

Denman Kessle
Years Served: 6
A great ship, I was on board from September of 1963 until November of 1969. from RD3 to RD1. I just attended a reunion in Portland Oregon held September 9 - 14 2009. 40 men from 1944 until1969 attended, next reunion will be in Buffalo New York, June 2011.

Evan Scaremouch Thompson
Years Served: Sept 1955_may 1959
I was in the Aft fire room for a year or so then went to forward fire room then forward engine room,then deckforce,i love the Wedderburn ,but hated the fire rooms,i wasn't mechanically inclined,so i fought it for years. To my shipmates displeasure,but when i finally got on the deck i loved it' I believe i drove the snipes as crazy as i could. V C Vint our Exc.understood me,he was a good guy. I have a lot of tales i could share ,such as the time i was blamed for flooding officers country when we were fueling at sea,when in fact Hammond BT3 was the phone talker to the ship fueling us,and he walked away from his station as the fuel was rising in the starboard tank above the chow hall,so with no phone talker to the fueling ship,my tank ran over and into Officers country,that's just some of the things i remember,and there are many . I very proudly have 2 sons currently serving in our Navy,one just graduated from boot camp,he's in A school to be a PR,my other son is a SB 2 a SWCC who has made 2 deployments,and is getting ready to deploy again,can't say when. Evan

Roger Weisberg
Years Served: 1967 - 1969
I was on board from 1/67 to 12/68. Left in the West Pac of 68 to go to PBR school and then to VN.

H.R. (Rick) Dias, MR3
Years Served: 1967 thru 1968
I recall while off the coast of Nam the captain and MMC chief woke me up at about 3:30 AM and explained that the ship's evaporator in the Fwd engine room was down because the saline pump ( pumps waste SALT WATER overboard) needed 4 new wearing rings. I asked if the ship was dead in the water? The chief said we had about 4 hours of fresh water left. I machined 2 new impeller and 2 new pump casing wearing rings as they all watched me. (clearance .008 total between the impeller and casing rings.) I recall that the Captain held a flashlight so I could see the tool bit tool cutting the brass. I believe we had the new brass pump rings made & installed in a couple of hours. Then they had to rebuild and install the pump back online. Not sure how long it took to get the evaporator back online and working. No one wanted to be dead in the water (drifting) off the coast of Nam. Of course we would not have any fresh drinking water either. I did not like all the attention I got that morning. I was the only MR on the Wedderburn then. Needless to say going dead in the water does not help Navy officers careers. We never went dead in the water and sailed onward....

Years Served: NA
My father was Robert Lowe and served as radio operator on the Wedderburn from nov. 1950 thru mar. 1952. He passed away in 1996. Dad never had much interest in talking about his WWII and Korean War experiences, other than to warn me about the dangers of rogue waves. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew my dad in those difficult days.

Adrian Porras Jr
Years Served:
My father, Adrian Porras, served on the Wedderburn, during the WestPac tour, I believe. I lost him earlier this year, but I know he was extremely proud of his time on the ship.

JLD Brown
Years Served: Mid 1965 to mid 1969
I served my total naval career aboard the USS Wedderburn working in both fire rooms and advanced to BT2 before leaving. I have lots of good memories. :)

Carlos Ricoy
Years Served: 1961 to 1965
Went from ICFN to IC2 on the Wedderburn, 2 WestPac cruises, trip to Portland Rose Festival and the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, six weeks of underway training in Pearl. Worked in the Engineering Logroom most of the time and the IC gang. Showed hundreds of movies on the mess deck. Was a christian at the time but didn't live like it.

Robert E. Van Keuren
Years Served: Feb 1957 - Dec 1958
Served in Supply Department most of Feb 1957 until end of Dec 1958 as SK3. Great Ship, Captain, Officers, & Crew! On to NSD Yokosuka 1959 - 1961 SK2. RecSta T.I. 1961 - 1963 as SK2 (TAD AFPD TI). HSA Saigon 1963 - 1966 as SK1. USS NECHES (A0-47) as SK1/SKC 1966 - 1968 as SKC. NAS Moffett Field, CA, 1970 - 1971 as SKC. Catlaina Vietnam as SKCS 1971 - 1972. USS WHITE PLAINS (AFS-4) 1972 - 1974 as Supply Department Leading Chief & Command Master Chief. Coastal River Division-11, Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA 1972 - 1974 as Command Master Chief & Supply Officer. July 1976 transferred to Fleet Reserve. GI BIll for AA, BA, M.Ed. Would enjoy hearing from ANYONE who served in the Weed Burner!!!

Robert Ray Hathaway
Years Served: 1946
Robert Ray Hathaway, Sr. died peacefully in his sleep, early this morning, 12/4/2013 in his home in West Monroe, LA. He was born 12 Nov 1925 in Louisiana. In WWII, he joined the Navy, trained at Fire Control school in San Diego, and served in the pacific aboard the USS Wedderburn (DD-684), under command of John L. Willford. After the war, he came home to marry Camille ‘Wink’ Edwards. He is survived by his wife Camille, and sons Robert, Edward and John, granddaughters Donna Hathaway and Wendy Hathaway Nevels; Great-grandchildren Stephanie Nevels Walker and Chase Nevels; Great-great-grandson Kyler Walker and great great grand-daughter Haleigh Stone. He is preceded in death by his parents, Elmer Hathaway and Lydia Barton Hathaway and his daughter Cynthia Hathaway, brother Courtland Hathaway and sister Gwen. A memorial service is planned for Friday Dec. 6, 2013 in West Monroe, LA at Mulhearn Funeral Home. He had no fear of death and was a good Christian man who loved his family. By Sylvia Hathaway, daughter-in-law.

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  • Billl Wade says...

    I sefved in R divison upon my reporting aboard Wedderburn in August 1966 during the overhaul at Long Beach Navy Yard and served until She was decommissioned in 1969. i haeld the rates of FR through SFP2 snd went on to return as HTC in 1986 but do miss my first command. Shipmatres are welcome to email me at wwade291@comcast,net

    November 03, 2017

  • Jim Fike says...

    I served on Wedderburn from February 1965 until February 1967 at which time I was transferred to TF 116 River Division 53 at My Tho, South Vietnam. I was part of the OI Division aboard the ship. Denman Kessle was one of my senior petty officers.

    March 30, 2017

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