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Bob Agnese
Years Served: 1970-1971
Any of the Reserve crew from 1970-1971, when we were green youngins! Before going on active duty and winding up on the Gunline in South East Asia, and becoming men. Contact me any regular crew, reserve crew from 1970-1971, or any years served. Drop me a line. mrlawns@yahoo.com

1st Division, then Supply SN.

Fred Peckham
Years Served: 1956 to 1959
I was a 17 year old Kid from New York. I was put in the After Fire Room. Moale made a man out of me.
It was a great ship. It was so good, I stayed in and was lucky to catch another CAN for my last ship and I was the B Division Officer. (BTCS)
Quite a change and all because of the Moale.
We have a reunion every year and you can sign up and will be kept informed on whats happening.

Claude Ridgeway
Years Served: 1969-1970
I went to the Moale right out of bootcamp. I thought I was going to be a radioman but ended up a gunners mate after a year of being a deckhand.

John "Buck" B
Years Served: 1963-1966
I joined the Moale in March of 1963, after it returned from a Med Cruise. I was a radioman on her, and while on her, got my Ham Radio Operator license. This enabled me to make ship to shore phone calls for anybody who wanted to do so, while we were on my last Med Cruise, in early 1966. I still remember a lot of folks from that ship, and would love to hear from them.

Years Served: 1945, 1946, 1947
I was a Yeoman aboard the Moale under Capt. J. V. Chase and Lt. E J. Alt . . . we made the Goodwill Tour after WWII . . . stopping everywhere from Alaska to Australia . I was discharged in 1948 and spent 55 years in Fresno and Sacramento California . . . we traveled for 5 years . . . stopped in Florida and worked for the mouse (Disney) for 8 years and will finish out life here in Tennessee. I turned 80 this past July and still very healthy . . .

Lawrence H. "Chip&
Years Served: 1965 to 1967
Great option for staying in touch! Thanks to the association officers who set this up. I was CIC/AIC officer and OOD(F) on Moale for two Med cruises and a wealth of great experience. Went from Moale to Naval Operations/Navigation instructor NROTC Univ. of Illinois and then to Reserve time while at Kodak in Rochester. Retired Navy in 1983 as CDR and Kodak in 1992. It's been a good trip thanks to the great starting point Moale offered. Anyone interested can reach me at ChipDawson@aol.com. Best to you all. Chip

Jim (JR) White
Years Served: 1964-1968
I came aboard as GMG3 and left as GMG1. I served under Capt. Zinni, Capt. Degler, and Capt. Scoville. I made four Med. cruises on the mighty Moale. I enjoyed being on the Moale it was a great experience. I miss those days, we all thought we were at the top of our game. Now we are old men and all that's just a sweet memory. I really miss you guys.

Scott Sinare UT2 (VET)~
Years Served:
I'm looking for anyone who knew my Dad, SF3 Anthony (Tony) Sinare. If you knew him please e-mail me. sinarefam@netsync.net


Willard (Bill) Bishop
Years Served: 1951-1952
I was in Repair Division FN. I wore a gear on my arm, part of A Gange. Our room had a lathe that took up most of the room. We were in charge of all aux equip on board, 2 diesel engines, air compressors, etc. The whale boat engine also. It was used for duty liberty. Stood top watch in engine room forward. My first buddy was Harry Jacobs from Fort Smith, Ark. Sure would like to hear from him. Later my buddies were Don (Skip) Boyle & Dave Ratajczak. I cruised around the world, spent 4 months in Korea Sure met a great bunch of men. Now I'm older (76) & would love to do it again. Willard (Bill) Bishop

Rick Rickabaugh
Years Served: 1963-1964
The time of my life. Young, invincible, gung ho, a little crazy. Wonderful memories of some truly great officers and men. Any of you remember a mutt we picked up in Malta and aptly named DAWG Did a lot of growing up with the rest of the Sonar techs in 3rd division and used many of the things I learned there in later life.

Marvin R Smith
Years Served: 1944-1947
I came aboard the Moale in 1944, somewhere in the south pacific. A 17 year old kid from Arkansas. I served with the Quartermaster crew. Am now 82 years old and living in Purcell Oklahoma. Still healthy

Raymond Gray
Years Served: 1964-1967
I started my career on the Moale in November of 1964 right out of RD school in Great Lakes and came aboard as an RDSA. Served with Bernard Tubman, Walt Uhde, James O'Donnell, Charles Creech, Gary Smith and Chip Dawson. Worked in CIC as a Radarman and ECM operator and for awhile had the duty of keeping all the charts up to date. There are many old friends and comrades I know I'm forgetting. I hope to make a reunion soon.

Gerald "Woody&quot
Years Served: Reported aboard in December of 1965 as an Rd3
When I reported aboard the ship was homeported in Mayport, Fla. but was in the yards in Charleston, N.C. On checking in I was informed that the homeport was being changed to Newport, R.I. On leaving the yards, we went to our new homeport via Guantanamo. I remember serving with Tubman, Loulich,Lt.John Hagerty, Ron Jewell and some that escape my memory. We played Volleyball with Capt. Zenni's team in Fall River. Took a cruise to the med and left for Rd B school shortly after our return. If any of my old shipmates would like to contact me my e-mail is wldwoodman@aol.com.

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  • John Moale says...

    The Moale family is so very proud of every crew member and look forward to attending the next reunion!!

    December 05, 2018

  • bill white says...

    served as a RM3 from “65 to 67” along with James Bumberry, David Kennedy, Marvin Farley. David Kahler, John Deal. lots of fond memories.

    February 07, 2018

  • Richard Rebnicky says...

    I came on board the Moale right out of B school. I was a boilerman 2nd class. Served from 1967 to 1970. Was in the forward fire room and served as oilking and log room yeomen.

    December 13, 2017

  • Alan Blum says...

    I served from April 1951 to November 1955 QMSN I was on the round the world tours stop of in Korea July 1953 to October 1953 my nickname was greenie. I came aboard at age 17 yrs old if anyone might know me email at Lv2golf222@gmail.com

    February 13, 2017

  • John Moale says...

    Please join the association and get connected with other crewmembers with reunions and the newsletter. Go to www.ussmoaleassn.com and see the roster or ask questions.
    I will reply with questions you may have for me, the assn. historian. Hope to see you at the next reunion (2016) in San Diego, CA.

    October 15, 2015

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