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Welcome to the USS Purdy DD-734 Guestbook Forum


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Purdy Grandson
Years Served: I didn't
Are there any USS Purdy veterans still alive. My grandfather served on the USS Purdy.

gerry kirkpatrick Cs3
Years Served: 1964-1966
The crew of the U.S.S. Purdy were a bunch hard working men who were not afraid to work in no matter what conduction .

We will always be a Purdy pirate, yesterday, today, tomorrow and for ever!

I will always remember the men who I served with, they were my family I thank God for the time I served with them, I will always will hold my head up high!

I salute to those who have fallen over the years , I say thank you for allowing me to part of the Purdy family!

May God watch over the crew who served her over the years!

Thank you lady!

Lee R. Tolksdorf
Years Served: 1945 - 1946
How many remember that THE PURDY received the Navy's
NAVY UNIT COMMENDATION for it's April 12, 1945 action.

Jose A. Elique
Years Served: 1963-1966
Hello to all my former Purdy Shipmates. Hard to believe that more than 40years have passed since we served together. An old operations division Lieut. once told me that when you leave the Navy, one would only remember the good times. That's partially true. While I still remember several Med Cruises, I also at times remember chipping paint and red leading bulkheads. Hope all is well with all of you.
Jose A. Elique RD3

Douglas Strauss
Years Served:
I make this entry in memory of my dad, Robert W Strauss.. served on the Purdy just prior to the Korean war... Dad passed away on 02/03/2008 at the age of 77... He had fond memories of the Purdy and the friends he met there... In fact he made a pact with one of his crew mates Douglas Harvey, to name their first sons after each other, so here I am and there is a Robert Harvey...

I wish you all the best, and thank you for your service!!!

Douglas J Strauss
Proud son of Robert W Strauss

James Baker
Years Served: Feb 1966 to Sept 1967
I can still see me walking up the pier at Newport RI for my first Command,right out of Bootcamp

Anyone remember POPEYE BM

thomas Guerrieri
Years Served: 1961to 1965
The years spent on the uss Purdy were one of the best times of my life.Remembering the med , cruises the the best with the hardest work crew of men anyone could have been a part of.Still keep in touch with Charle R.D.2, Frank Renner R.D.2 Vincent Gallager, Rod Knox, Malcolm Mc Cluskey, Tom Ashmore. Would love to hear from Radar crew members that served at the same time I did. Until then, Tom G R.D.2

Richard L. Kain RD2
Years Served: 61-64
Lets see it was late Nov 1961 I was tad on board the tender when this pile of rust came steaming down the channel. The next day i went aboard. A few months later we went to sea for a day of testing with a new coat of paint and all fixed up looking proud. We did 36 knots that after noon and she got a coat of something other than paint or saltwater. All of us new guys were glad to see the peir. Richard L. Kain RD2

Albert J Kelly RM2
Years Served: 1963 thru 1966
Retired Phildelphia Law Enforcement. CEO Amcor International, Inc. in the Tampa Bay area.

William S Dow SK2
Years Served: June 1959 to February 1962
Ran the ship store on the 60 to 61 Med cruise

Years Served: 84-94 U.S. Army, 97-01 Army Reserves
My grandfather, Spencer Hendrix, served on the USS Purdy. I welcome conversation with any that might have served with him and can share some stories about him. Thanks, Dion Francis, Jr.

John Tarmann
Years Served: 1970-1973
I was with the Purdy Gold Crew in the early '70's.

Years Served: 1950-1954
My father Richard C Case served on the USS Purdy during the Korean war If anyone remembers him i would love to hear from you Thank you

Joe Mehlek; GMG 3
Years Served: 1963 - 1964
I had a great time aboard the Sturdy Purdy and am still in touch with Ron Greener . Does anyone know whatever became of Lt(jg) Kirtland?

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  • Tony Formento on

    I had the pleasure of serving on the PURDY from Nov 69 to January 1972. I worked in the Ship’s Office as a Personnel and worked closely with DK2 Joe Lingle. I enjoyed my time on the PURDY.

  • Joseph B. Lingle on

    I was USN from 67-71 and served as the Disbursing Clerk on the Purdy from 12/31 69 to 05/25/71. I could not have asked for a better group of officers and enlisted men to have served under and with! They were – and remain – the best, & I will never forget them.

  • Karl Taylor on

    My Uncle Frank served (1944-1946) & was telling us about the 4/12/45 Okinawa attack which left them “dead in the water” until repairs done. He found out years later after my dad (Taylor) had married his sister (our mom) and a Navy doc with Marines, that they were both at Okinawa! He’s 93; still a sharp, great guy and now the last of that dutiful breed in our family.

  • DavidCole on

    Still remember as a kid walking roped planks to ships 3-4 thick docked together with dad to the radar rooms he worked in the early 60s at piers1and 2 in Newport RI Remembering dad DARREL WESLEY COLE rip

  • Glenn Barcellos on

    ETR2 served on Purdy 6/30/1961 – 1/27/1964 great bunch of guys.

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