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Randy Thompson
Years Served: 1966 through 1969
The time spent aboard the USS Preston was a time in my life where their are many good memories. I am very proud to have served. 40 years ago we were over seas and I was informed by the Red Cross that my first child was born 11-10-1968. I made many friends that I will never forget. Here are just a few Dave Farmer we joined together and went to boot camp then we were stationed on the USS Preston. Ken Livers he was my pinochle partner and we made a lot of money mainly from the Chief PO's. I couldn't forget H. Chenoweth a man that taught me my Job. I want to thank you all. Randy Thompson RD3

Al Whitney (for my Dad)
Years Served: 1965?-1968
My Dad, BT1 Robert J. Whitney, was on the Preston from I think about 1965 until he retired in 1968. We lost him in 1985 but I can remember picking him up and dropping him off in Long Beach. I can also remember the Preston tied up next to the Turner Joy and the Maddox. He told my Mom once that the Preston was the best ship he ever served on. I am sure he meant it. Semper Fi.

GySgt Al Whitney, USMC (Ret)
Yuma, AZ

Ronald Yohn
Years Served: 1967 - 6-month cruise to Vietnam
I joined the ship in March, 1967. It left for Vietnam in one week. We got back in September, 1967. I was a SK-3 working in the stockroom in the fantail next to the post office. I took many picture of our trip, but I can't seem to remember the names of photos I took of other sailors. I remember getting shot at on our first day on the firing line. A san pan got in the middle of a heated battle of machine gun fire from the shore line. The mother was killed and both kids were taken by helicopter to Da Nang for medical attention. Right now, I am suffering from diabetes that I have submitted a claim to the VA for Agent Orange. Since we are all Navy, they are still fighting a legal battle that Navy personnel were subjected to the AO fumes. I went ashore on a PT boat, but the ship's records did not list names, only that 5 persons went ashore. So if anyone can remember me going ashore, I could use your proof in my case. You can contact me at Thank you and god bless America.

Roger Truran
Years Served: 1966 - 1968
Roger Truran BT2

Franklin Z Morehead
Years Served: March 1968 to November 1969
One of the last ones to leave the Preston. Serve on the mobil transfer team.

Jeff Birchenall
Years Served: October 1967 - January 1969
I served aboard Preston as a radarman and worked in the ship's combat information center and on the bridge as a C.I.C. phone talker. Even was put to use as a loader on 5 inch gun crew for awhile among other things.
I had the honor and priveledge to serve aboard her with my fellow shipmates on Preston's last combat deployment in Vietnam on Westpac 1968 before she returned home for decomissioning. So much to say about those times. Best regards to all. I live retired in Fresno, CA now.

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  • Gerald L Jones on

    Served from June 65- Sept 68 . Was QM3 when i left, Great crew. Randy do you know what state Chenoweth was from? we became friends towards the end will try to track Him down.

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