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USS EATON DD-510 Framed Navy Ship Display

USS EATON DD-510 Framed Navy Ship Display

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This is a beautiful ship display commemorating the USS EATON (DD-510). The artwork depicts the USS EATON in all her glory. More than just an artistic concept of the ship, this display includes a custom designed ship crest plaque and an engraved ship statistics plaque. This product is richly finished with custom cut and sized double mats and framed with a high quality black frame. Only the best materials are used to complete our ship displays. Navy Emporium Ship Displays make a generous and personal gift for any Navy sailor.

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Included in this display are:
  • Custom designed and expertly engraved Navy crest positioned on fine black felt
  • Artwork is 16 inches X 7 inches on heavyweight matte
  • Engraved plaque stating the ship vital statistics
  • Enclosed in a high quality 20 inch X 16 inch black frame
  • Choice of matting color options

-------------------GUESTBOOK POSTS-----------------------

chuck monteleone

Years Served: 1959 thru 1962
was transferred to uss tidewater in 1962

Wayne Brocato
Years Served: 1960 1961
Served in the Radio Shack while on board.

Art Rimback
Years Served: 1961-1962
Task Group Alfa - Cuban Missile Crisis - First Christmas at Sea

Garry Hawk
Years Served: 1953/1955
looking for shipmates

Jack L. Smith
Years Served: 1965-1967
I came aboard the Eaton late 1965. I worked as a deckhand for a while then as a Corpsman striker. Just before she went to Viet Nam I went to Corpsman school and never returned. I was assigned to the Canopus in Spain then onto the US Marines for the rest of my time in the service. I got out in 1969 and returned to California.

Johnny Lewis RM3
Years Served: 1962-1964
Served onboard as Radioman during Cuban Crisis in blockade. On Board when Kennedy assassinated and med cruise in 1964.---Many fond memories and sorry when she was scrapped off coast of Jacksonville, Fl.

Edwin Mackey (Mack) King
Years Served: 1957 to 1959
I was a radio messenger from approximately 03-01-57 until 02-14-59. Was on-board for the Middle Eastern Cruise in 1957 and Gitmo Cruise in 1958. Witnessed the misfiring of Eaton's Weapon Alpha, when 6 plaster loads discharged over the ship during gunnery practice and one of the loads hit the midships passageway killing a crew member.

Years Served: Dec 12,1961 thru Aug 28,1964
I was a sonarman and served during 1 mercury recovery, the Cuban crisis, Kennedy assination and 1963/64 Med cruise. I separated in 64 and stayed awayfor 10 years and entered the Reserves and Drilled at FT Mchenry(74 to 78) and Andrews AFB(81 to 94). Have talked to Bennett TM3 and Ron Weis SO3 and a few others.

George Moore
Years Served: 1961-1965
My name is David B. Moore one of three kids of MM- George A Moore Sr. My father always spoke great things and stories of the times on the ship USS Eaton DD 510 1961-1965. I'm sorry to tell you men but my father has lost the battle of 9 mths by cancer on Sept 15, 2008. At his home in Glen Burnie ,Maryland resting and asleep. He was 66 yrs old and from Hickory, North Carolina. His life was cut short , but not before raising my brother Alan Jr 36 age, myself David 34 age and my sister Melissa 33 age. Two Grandkids 6-7. One do in Dec.2008. His wife of 33 yr{Our mother}passed in july 1999. He now lives though all that knew him and all that loved him so. Specials thanks to the men that called my father a friend, shipmate, so long. Esp; Joseph Radcliffe, Larry Gorvin{RIP}, Jack Smith, Richard Ruggeri. I got stories on you guys :0) maybe more... If anybody remember or thinks they may of known or know My father George A Moore or even better got some pic's. I would love to talk to you, Please call my house # David B. Moore (321) 383-4039 Home Titusville, Florida

Joe Radcliffe
Years Served: 1961 thru 1964
Greetings shipmates: I hope all had a good Thanksgiving,Holiday and New Years. Greetings to Art Rimback, Johny Lewis and all those who served aboard the early 60's. May you all have a great 2009. Joe Radcliffe 61 to 64.

Joe Radcliffe
Years Served: 1961 thru 1964
Hey All just got an email fm Eaton shipstore! A note of interest was Don't forget the reunion Does anyone know anything about a Reunion? Let me know if u do Email me at Thanks Joe Radcliffe

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