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Years Served: 1961 to 1963…gunners mate 5th div

terrence l. gurnee

Years Served: 1972-1975…AO3- Spent my entire 3+ years aboard the FDR in G-Division, Forward Bomb Assembly….and recall every moment of it with great fondness. It is unfortunate I have lost contact with everyone I served with over the last 30 years….perhaps this will help find some. I will attend the reunion in Jacksonville 2007 and will look for you.

Steven Speidel

Years Served: 1972 – 1973…I was in S-3 div, I ran the Officers and Chiefs Ship Store back in Officers country. during the 1972 cruise.

Steve Nance

Years Served: 60’s-70’s…Served 5 cruises aboard the Rosey. Different fighter squadrons. Aboard during Vietnam cruise and storm that tore her up

Steve Malina, AFCM Ret.

Years Served: 1968 -1970…Enjoyed my tour on Rosey. I was the Deck Department Yeoman. Stayed in the Navy for 22 years and retired in 1990. Memories of ship, friends and duty stations are always there. YNC Miglionico (Mig) Retired

Stephen Miglionico

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